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Notable Cases Since 1999 

With decades of experience, WWP lawyers have practiced before the highest courts in the land, establishing a tradition of excellence in the successful representation of its clients.

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Safford Unified School District v. Redding, U.S. Supreme Court 08-479
Crittenden v. Eastern Arizona College, Graham County CV-2007259
Hatcher v. Mesa Unified School District, Maricopa County CV2011-097747
City of Phoenix v. Smedley Maricopa County CV 95-08728
Hanks v. Phoenix Transit Maricopa County CV 88-24341
Sundt Corp. v. City of Phoenix (Arizona Science Center) (arbitration)
Sundt Corp. v. City of Phoenix (New Central Library) (arbitration)
Arizona Diamondbacks v. Perini/McCarthy, et al. (paint overspray case) (arbitration)
Perini/McCarthy v. Arizona Diamondbacks (delay claim) (arbitration)
Sundt Corp. v. City of Phoenix (City Hall bid protest) Maricopa County CV 91-27774
D.L. Bland, et al. v. City of Chandler Maricopa County CV 94-91614
City of Phoenix v. Bernard Deutsch Associates, Inc. Maricopa County CV 90-31407
Superlite Block v. Kaiser Cement Corp. Maricopa County CV 92-09573
Associated General Contractors of America v. City of Phoenix Maricopa County CV 94-04254 (mediation)
City of Phoenix v. John Ball & Partners Maricopa County CV 97-11419 (mediation)
Pierson Construction v. City of Phoenix Maricopa County CV 97-13820 (mediation)
Appeal of GTECH Corporation regarding RFP no. A5-0035
Arizona Department of Administration no. 95-03 (two-week administrative trial)
Ericsson Inc. v. Maricopa County, et al. Maricopa County CV 96-03937
State v. Borrego (1995)
James v. Juetten, Maricopa County CV 90-91848
Renteria v. Oakland Athletics Baseball Company, Maricopa County CV 92-06818
Hernandez v. Kosowsky, Maricopa County CV 92-08592 (arbitration)
Garwood v. Phillips, Maricopa County CV 92-13007 (arbitration)
Leyva v. McCarty, Maricopa County CV 92-21305 (arbitration)
Kassel v. Delta Electric & Air, Inc., Maricopa County CV 92-01448
Coburn v. Van Rooy Plumbing, Mohave County CV 93-252
Kellis v. Rubash, Mohave County CV 93-001 (no trial report made)
Koyle v. Economy Heating & Cooling, Mohave County CV 93-426
Dunn v. Madison Elementary School District No. 38, Maricopa County CV 93-07201 (mediation)
Castro v. Stinson, Maricopa County CV 94-09673 (arbitration)
Garibo-Madrigal v. Kaegle, Maricopa County CV 94-02321 (arbitration)
Gonzales v. Jarnigan Farms, Maricopa County CV 94-00825 (mediation)
Alpha Sigma Housing v. Arizona State University, Maricopa County CV 94-19612 (mediation)
Borghaus v. Gilbert Unified School District, Maricopa County Nos. CV 94-06744 and CV 95-06222
(Consolidated) (arbitration)
Dembowski v. Humboldt Unified School District No. 22, Yavapai County CV 95-0840 (arbitration)
Calabrese v. Mohave Union High School, Mohave County 95CV426 (mediation)
Hernandez v. Best, Maricopa County CV 95-06125 (arbitration)
Rhodes v. Big John’s Auto Wrecking & Sales, Pima County 298980 (mediation)
Salman v. Ditter, Maricopa County CV 95-04157 (arbitration)
Kim v. Hollobaugh, Maricopa County CV 95-03828 (arbitration)
Benitez v. Vanosdell Farms, Maricopa County CV 95-14164 (mediation)
Delgado v. Murphy Elementary School District No. 21, Maricopa County CV 96-12555 (arbitration)
Adams v. Morrison, Yavapai County Nos. CV 960442 and CV 96-23292 (Consolidated) (mediation)
Hanley v. Deen, Pinal County CV 96043509
Conaway v. Hardy, Maricopa County Nos. CV 96-91758 and CV 97-06551(Consolidated) (arbitration)
Kappas v. Copus, Maricopa County CV 97-02082 (arbitration)
Seek/Blake v. Safford Unified School District, Graham County 970032
Martinec v. AEX, Maricopa County CV97-07936 (mediation)
Baird v. Gilbert Unified School District, Maricopa County CV 97-15818 (mediation)
Hodge v. Gilbert, Yavapai County CV 97-0288 (arbitration)
Royer v. Lunt, Graham County CV970088
Masengale v. Diamond Q Farms, Maricopa County CV 97-17056
Maynard v. Greenworld Nurseries, Maricopa County CV 98-03189 (arbitration)
Hoffen v. Alhambra Elementary School District No. 68, Maricopa CountyCV98-15248 (mediation)
Appleton v. Bombardieri Construction Co., Yavapai County CV 980398
BFI/Pitts v. Avondale Elementary School District, Maricopa County CV98-20870